Thursday, August 18, 2011

SecureBackup My Android Application

Aim:  Backup of Contacts, Call logs and SMS to Email ID.

Note: This application is in BETA stage, some feature may not work properly as i described below.

In Brief:

This is a security application, intended to provide security of your vital data such as SMS, Contacts, and Call logs. Now there is no need to backup over a server you can backup to your own Email ID. Remote Backup of vital Data and live tracing of phone location when it is lost.
These data can also be imported to the Excel when you don’t have the phone.

Full Individual Feature Description:

          1. Contacts , Call Logs Backup:  The backup can made to any Email provider, Since Gmail has unique capability of converting contacts to VCARD format hence who want to restore the contacts to phone , this Email is preferable. If who don’t have Gmail still able to restore contacts to phone . If who wants to Quick Look contacts  they can veiw in Excel.

3. Track Location: Remote controling of your android phone also possible through this app, it has several commands to control the phone through SMS messages such as, (Remember commands are Case Sensistive).

Type these messages in SMS messaging app from any mobile to your Android mobile

            1. “Backup Contacts”: This command performs the backup of Contacts to your pre-specified Email ID.

            2. “Track Location”: Track the approximate location of the phone, and reply’s back the address of the phone to mobile from which the command send.(In order to do this, the mobile no should be registered in our app, before giving commands to your Android mobile).                      


            Software Requirements:
1.  Android 2.2-3.0

Hardware Requirements:
1.   Andriod Running phone.

Click on SecureBackup

To install this application, Scan the below QR Code from your Android Phone.

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