Thursday, May 2, 2013

Setup Lava XTRON development environment

************Lava Xtron USB driver ID***************

Device setup for Ubuntu OS

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="2207", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"

.android/adb_usb.ini add this single line 0x2207

Friday, August 3, 2012

Optimus one(P500) Tweaks

Introduction:  Optimus one created by LG as a budget Smart Phone basically developed for mid-range kind of people in order to taste most notable features of Android such as Fast Internet browsing, unique Multi-tasking, about 3 lakh free apps and playing certain addictive mid-range games like Need For Speed.

Android Partition Layout

1. Android Partition Layout:
                    a) /data for User data
                    b) /system for Android System Core Data
                    c) /sdcard for Media, Documents, Pictures.
                    d) /cache for Installing Play store apps, Copy and Paste functionality,

2. System apps installed in /system partition and cannot be modified unless you must have administrative access codes.

Rooting Tweaks : 
               Definition: Rooting is a process obtaining the administrative authority of android to perform any desire tasks including modifying system core functionalities.

       Pros and Cons of Rooting:
           1. You can gain access to Android system core feature such as uninstalling System apps.
           2. Flashing custom roms and kernel.
           3. Overclocking abilities to play HD games (Custom Rom).
           4. Installing apps on SD-Card (Custom Rom).

           1. Void of Warranty.

Process of Rooting (Tools):

            Android                   Method
         froyo (2.2.x)              Gingerbreak
     Gingerbread (2.3.x)       Superoneclick Software           

   Method 1: GingerBreak

                 1. Download Apk at Ginger Break apk Source
                 2. Install Apk
                 3. Open App, click Root option wait until your device reboot automatically.
                 4. After reboot SuperUser app is automatically installed as a System App.

   Method 2: SuperOneClick

                 1. Download and Install Software for Win 7 here.
                 2. Open SuperOneClick and Select Exploit Psneuter.
                 3. Plug your device with usb connection and press root button.
                 4. SuperOneClick will root your device and wait until device reboots.

Flashing the Device

   Pre-Requisite to Understand for Flashing Your Device.             
                  1. UnLocked boot loader Phone
                  2. Rooted Device
                  3. A Recovery image.
                  4. Flash Custom Rom.

1. UnLocked Phone: All Optimus one comes with unlocked boot loader so rooting and recovery can be
done very easily.

2. Rooting Device: Rooting the optimus one is already explained above.

3. Installing Recovery Image: Recovery is a dedicated bootable partition installed to perform flashing of ROM's.
                    a) Install ROM Manager from here. The app looks as shown below:
                    b) Click on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. A Various Phone model list appears choose                                   our LGE optimus one.
                   c) Select Phone Model LGE Optimus one (Unappropriated model brick your phone)

                  d) After Successful flashing of Recovery select Reboot into Recovery option.

                  e) If Successful, you see the below Recovery image:

After flashing of ClockworkMod Recovery image it is very safe to install Custom ROM's designed for our optimus one, we can now find different compatible stable ROM's from here.

4. Flashing Custom ROM's: Android is a Open Source project as all we know because of this nature it is possible to have an exposure of the modern world technology to every developer from home to company So, everyone can take its source code and modify as he desires.
                   These Custom ROM's are after market firmware to give a taste of lateral way of new possibilities for implementing new ideas from all over the world. Finally, Android is not developed from a company it is developed and implemented as a team of world to make every developers dream come true.

          Pros and Cons of Custom ROM's

                           a) The phone's which does not support new new version's of Android can also have those updates into their phones.
                           b) Most features that cannot be able to have in Stock Android that comes from the vendors such as Overclocking, Apps to SD card, Rooted is present in custom ROM's.
                           a) Void Your Warranty of SmartPhone.
                           b) If Proper install not done, you may brick your phone.

Step to Flash Custom ROM:

In this blog I'm going to flash a build of Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sand witch)

1. Download ROM from here.

2. Enter into Recovery (Soft Switch - Long Press Power button while you are in android select Recovery
Hard Switch - At LG logo during boot HOLD power + home + vol UP button till you enter into Recovery only for Optimus One).

3. In advanced menu you can make partition of SD Card so that application's can be directly installed to the SD Card(Optional).

               Partition SD Card:
                    Note : 1. CWM partition performs only apps partition.
                               2. for Music and DOC's use any partition manager or create /data, /system in        Partition Manger.
                                       a) /data - EXT2
                                       b) /System - EXT2
                                       c) /sdcard - FAT

4. In Recovery, First Perform every wipe you see in Recovery (Without wipe for any ROM's you install may result in brick of your phone),

                 a) Wipe data/factory reset
                 b) Wipe Cache Partition
                 c) Press Advanced - Wipe Dalvik and Battery Stats

5. Select Install ZIP from sdcard menu

6. If everything goes right a success message will appear.







Friday, September 23, 2011

Importing android Contacts to Gmail Contacts

Before importing your data to Google Contacts:
Manually perform backup in SecureBackup.


1. Log into Gmail, click on ‘Contacts’ in the left hand navigation. Click on Import in the top right corner.

2. Now your contacts will be in Gmail and should have all the required fields.(Only Name, mobile number and Email ID of person will present).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

SecureBackup My Android Application

Aim:  Backup of Contacts, Call logs and SMS to Email ID.

Note: This application is in BETA stage, some feature may not work properly as i described below.

In Brief:

This is a security application, intended to provide security of your vital data such as SMS, Contacts, and Call logs. Now there is no need to backup over a server you can backup to your own Email ID. Remote Backup of vital Data and live tracing of phone location when it is lost.
These data can also be imported to the Excel when you don’t have the phone.

Full Individual Feature Description:

          1. Contacts , Call Logs Backup:  The backup can made to any Email provider, Since Gmail has unique capability of converting contacts to VCARD format hence who want to restore the contacts to phone , this Email is preferable. If who don’t have Gmail still able to restore contacts to phone . If who wants to Quick Look contacts  they can veiw in Excel.

3. Track Location: Remote controling of your android phone also possible through this app, it has several commands to control the phone through SMS messages such as, (Remember commands are Case Sensistive).

Type these messages in SMS messaging app from any mobile to your Android mobile

            1. “Backup Contacts”: This command performs the backup of Contacts to your pre-specified Email ID.

            2. “Track Location”: Track the approximate location of the phone, and reply’s back the address of the phone to mobile from which the command send.(In order to do this, the mobile no should be registered in our app, before giving commands to your Android mobile).                      


            Software Requirements:
1.  Android 2.2-3.0

Hardware Requirements:
1.   Andriod Running phone.

Click on SecureBackup

To install this application, Scan the below QR Code from your Android Phone.